mamamango and...

the perfect match

The sweet and sparkling Mamamango combines perfectly with strong flavors, the taste that enrich and enhance the force. An alternative way of tasting the product, ideal for moments after dinner with friends and cool drinks.

Cocktail Softmama


mamamango + granatina

Mix Mamamango with the sweet and fruity flavor of granatina (pomegranate syrup): a fresh, light, thirst-quenching drink, perfect for women!

Cocktail Redmama


mamamango + campari

Campari is an alcoholic aperitif and an energetic cocktail to drink with friends, for a unique and distinct flavor.

Cocktail Apemama


mamamango + aperol

Mix the sweet flavor of Mamamango with the unmistakable bitter-sweet taste of Aperol for a distinct aperitif or a harmonious cocktail.

Cocktail Caipy Mango


Lime mixed with cane sugar, crushed ice, top off with 3/5 Mamamango and 2/5 vodka.

Cocktail Verderame


3/10 Bitter Campari, 2/10 grapefruit juice, 1 spoonful of strawberry syrup. Shake well and top off with 5/10 of Mamamango.

Cocktail Mamakiller


1/5 rum, 1/5 gin, 1/5 vodka, 2/5 Mamamango.

Thank you to all the staff of the Osteria Verderame of Castiglione Tinella
for your collaboration and creativity.

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