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Double pleasure, exclusive taste: it is a fruit flavour aperitif typical of Italian quality!

The experience of Arione guarantees high-quality ingredients: the Arione Muscat and aromatic sparkling white wine and the natural pulp of fresh mango. These ingredients give life to an exclusive and inimitable taste.
Mamamango is perfect with sparkling aperitif or with fruits and desserts.
Try also the cocktail versions.


  • Aromatized wine based drink.
  • Colour: deep yellow.
  • Bouquet: fruity predominantly mango with a hint of moscato.
  • Taste: full flavoured and fruity.
  • Alcoholic content: 6% vol.
  • Serving temperature: 5-7°C.
  • Content: 75 cl.



It is a well–balanced mix
between bubbly Moscato wine and fresh mango pulp.

Muscat Arione is produced only by very high-quality grapes, which come from Arione’s family vineyards, that are placed in the best lands of Piedmont: Langhe and Monferrato. Arione is a pre-eminently wine grower for Muscat wine, thanks to the centenarian experience of grape cultivation in the lands of Monferrato.
The pulp of mango comes from a very scrupulous selection of exotic suppliers of this fruit made by Arione, in order to guarantee an always fresh and high-quality product.


Mamamango + Grenadine

Bend Mamamango to the sweet and fruity flavour of grenadine: the result is a fresh and refreshing drink perfect for a female public!

Mamamango + Campari

Mamamango and Campari produce an alcoholic aperitif and a cocktail perfect to be drunk with friends, for an unique and strong taste.

Mamamango + Aperol

If you want a well-proportioned cocktail, you have to combine the sweet flavour of Mamamango and the sweet-bitter taste of Aperol. The result is a very strong aperitif.

Mamamango + Vodka + Lime

Lime pound with cane sugar, crushed ice, 3/5 of Mamamango, 2/5 of vodka and fill to the brim. From Union of Lime pounded with brown sugar and crushed ice with Mamamango and 2/5 of vodka , you get a mix of unique taste

Mamamango + Campari + grapefruit + strawberry

The original recipe: 3/10 Bitter Campari, 2/10 grapefruit juice , 1 spoon of strawberry syrup. Shake it all and fill to the brim with 5/10 of Mamamango.

Mamamango + Rhum + Gin + Vodka

The right balance between decisive ingredients and sweetness of Mango. 1/5 rum, 1/5 gin, 1/5 vodka, 2/5 Mamamango.

The tradition inside a bottle since 1870

Arione Vini is a Piedmontese wine growers and producers of prominence that produces and merchandizes high-quality wines since 1870. The wineries of the firm are based in Canelli and Castiglione Tinella, in the heart of Monferrato and in the Langhe hills, that have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Arione winery places itself on the Italian and global market as a Piedmontese producer with seal of approval,that offers to the market a broad range of lines and brands in various sizes: from traditional bottles to the specials cases dedicated to ho.re.ca. channels.


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